3 reasons why you should choose Plasmat Roofing Solutions as your Commercial Roofing Supplier in Malaysia?

It is no secret to Malaysians by now of the unpredictable climate conditions in our otherwise beautiful country, Malaysia. While we may enjoy extended weeks of warm sunshine, it would suddenly rain heavily with thunderstorms, and before you know it, the weather gets swelteringly hot, sometimes making us feel like we are in a dessert rather than a tropical country. This happens so often, the weather in Malaysia has become the target for humour such as the below example.

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Anyway, homeowners have an extra reason to worry about this fact; the condition of their houses and cars under unpredictable weather. Countless people experience sleepless nights many a day, especially those who are sleeping under leaky roofs and have their cars parked outside under no protection.

Leaky roofs are not good for sleep

Just take a look at the below pictures to see the painful effect bad weather conditions have had on the belongings of these unfortunate people.

Ouch, too much of Vitamin D ain’t good for your car, even the interiors, air conditioner and tyres.

Damaged patio furniture

Yikes, we’re sure at least some of you may surely have experienced one of the a  bove mishaps.

Imagine painstakingly spending THOUSANDS in the renovation of your house, and porch to make it look beautiful, and buying a new, shiny car, only for constant heavy rain and sunshine to come and cause havoc.

Few things in the world are more painful, especially for homeowners and car owners.

But have no fear netizens of Malaysia, Plasmat Roofing Solutions, your roofing supplier in Malaysia are here to save your day (and your houses).

Introducing Roofing Supplier Solutions in Malaysia 

There’s a very famous saying that we all know, prevention is better than cure.

You may not feel the need to inspect your current house, garage or patio roof conditions now but if you prepare early, problems could be avoided early on.

Yes, there are temporary solutions, such as this brilliant example below.

Anything goes to protect your fancy wheels.


Well, if you don’t own a garage to house your precious car, a heavily padded car cover is necessary to minimize the chances of sun damage over the long run.

But what’s the point of buying a new, shiny car if you can’t show it off to people, right?

Unless you don’t have the means, you may enjoy better long-term benefits in investing in proper roofing solutions in order to form a protection, for not just your car, your house or your patio, but a host of other applications.

Here at Plasmat Roofing Solutions , you may find what you desperately seek.


Take a look at the 3 main reasons why you can thoroughly consider us.

1. Our roofs are made of high quality Polycarbonate material.

While roof damage is inevitably linked with hails or storms, even heavy rain can cause issues for your roof, especially if it is made of lackluster material. Therefore, if you would take the effort to research the types of material before installing a roof, you would save hundreds and maybe thousands in the long run.

With Plasmat Roofing Solutions, you are in luck!

We provide roofing sheets that are made of Polycarbonate, which is a resilient material known for high weather and impact resistance. The material’s thermoplastic properties and high tensile strength enable it to withstand extreme climactic temperatures, either hot or cold, which makes it an effective roofing material for numerous application over many years.

Besides that, the sheer flexibility and lightweight nature of Polycarbonate makes it ideal for various structures and requirements such as awning, porch, patios and even swimming pool covers, tailored as per your request.

Here at Plasmat Roofing, we offer a wide range of 100% virgin polycarbonates roofs that can cater to your needs.


2. Our roofing solutions covers a large ground (pun intended).

Looking to cover your swimming pool? Your carefully designed patio? To provide shade for your beloved pets? Even to cover a large greenhouse or a parking lot at your industry?

If it needs a roof, you can call us.

Besides that, we also provide all sorts of roofing accessories that make your roofs stand out .

Too often, many roofing companies usually have limited options, but here at Plasmat, we have a multitude of options ranging from corrugated, hollow and solid embossed sheets either for your house, shop lot, and industries.



3. We are a proven, licensed and value for money roofing solutions supplier provider in Malaysia.

A quick look at our portfolio and testimonials will tell all you need to know about Plasmat’s Roofing Solutions.

We are an authorized distributer of GB Plas Group’s Roof Materials, which are known for high performance, sustainability and eco-friendliness. On top of that, we provide 5 years of limited warranty for our roofing sheets, basically providing a guarantee that we walk the talk.

To add to your confidence, our roofs are made of the highest quality and passed through strict inspection, courtesy of SIRIM QAS Certification.

Let’s Choose the Trustable Roofing Supplier in Malaysia! 

So what are you waiting for? Call us now for more information, quotation and free consultation!


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11 Nov 2021