Why Aluminium Composite Panel is your best friend if you want to transform your surroundings in Mala


Beauty is found everywhere in this world. Forests. Beaches. Animals. Flowers. Parks. Skyscrapers. Coffee shops. As human beings, we are invariably attracted to anything beautiful, be it physical or otherwise. We all want beautiful partners, cars, and possessions. Therefore, it is only right if we cultivate our living space as beautifully as possible as it is where we spend most of our precious time, even more so in this Covid19 era where we are forced to stay indoors and work from home. We could do it by investing in modern architecture made of Aluminum Composite Panel to transform our surroundings and pleasure all of our senses with tangible beauty.

Aluminium Composite Panel
Beauty is everywhere around us.

But you may ask, “Why do I need to invest so much in beauty, especially in these troubled times?”

Yes, you have a point, but allow us to explain.

Why do we need beauty around us?

Yes, we are living in troubled times indeed, no matter where we are in the world, while the Covid19 pandemic is still at large. Some of us are no more (God bless their souls). And the rest of us who are surviving are forced to live restrictedly – by working from home and staying indoors most of the time. Some are having a hard time adjusting to this new norm, as their mental health took a toll due to prolonged periods of stuck indoors, even more so with those who are separated from their family, or lost their jobs.

Declining mental health due to Covid19 pandemic

It might seem like such an insignificant notion, but beauty gives us a reason to be more hopeful. Positive. And happy. It is the reason why most people love travelling. To see all the beauty the world has to offer. To bask in the splendour of Mother Nature, be it natural or manmade. Nature is proven to soothe whatever issues people were wallowing in and allowing them to see a bigger picture of the life that they previously were unaware of.

That is primarily why, in these dire times when we are unable to travel far, it is important we must take extra care in ensuring our living spaces are pleasant to live in, for beauty is one of the solutions to improve our mental health and overall wellbeing.

By having a beautiful surrounding, you will be more at peace, and relaxed, especially when working from your home or apartment becomes a burden.

There are plenty of ways:
  • By including potted plants or flowers indoors.
  • Use attractive colours to paint the indoor walls.
  • Hang photos of our loved ones and aesthetically pleasing pictures and artworks around us.
  • Renovate your interior and exterior of your living space by using the right materials.

And for those who want to renovate their indoors with a suitable material, Aluminium Composite Panel is your answer.

What is Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP)?

Being one of the most readily available elements on earth, Aluminium is not just cost-effective for various applications, it is also immensely adaptable. ACPs can be used for any industrial process due to their properties such as low density, good conductivity, resistance to chemicals and ability to be merged with other materials, called Aluminium Composite.

As such, Aluminium Composite Panel stands out due to its highly modifiable nature for multiple forms of uses in terms of shapes, sizes, assembly, colour, and transformation. Due to this versatility, we can comfortably use it for both interior and exterior works, being aesthetically pleasing and easily recyclable or replaceable.

Examples of how Aluminium Composite Panel can beautify your living space.

Ever fallen in love with a building or a house purely based on the aesthetic wonders of interior design, like the following example.
Living room cladded by Aluminum Composite Panels are a superb investment by purely their attractive quotient.

Would you ever complain of living indoors with a view like above? Plus the sheer versatility of ACP enables you to customize your interiors as you please, such as the cool dining room concept below.

One of the best areas indoors that Aluminum Composite Panels can be implemented is easily your kitchen, such as your kitchen cabinets. The durability, rigidity & light weighted nature of ACP will ensure the longevity of the cabinets. Especially in an area prone to smoke and humidity, as Aluminium Composite Panel is easy to clean up. Imagine a beautiful kitchen in which you or your loved ones would thrive making delicious meals – it’s these little things that make your life worth living.


Kitchen cabinets can be transformed beautifully by the usage of Aluminium Composite Panels.

Examples of how Aluminium Composite Panel can transform your outdoors.

If you are the type to love the sights of sunrise and moonlit nights, invest in an awning, especially if you have balcony, to have a comfortable outdoor experience after you’re back home after a long day.
A balcony awning made of Aluminium Composite panels

Speaking of outdoor experience, every house needs an awning today, as it is the only way you can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere right outside your house.

Imagine: You had a long day working from home and would like to relax outside on your patio, by having a cup of tea.

But oh no, it’s raining, so you couldn’t go outside. Bummer. If you only you had invested in an aluminium composite panel awning right?
Car porch awning

Get your awning fixed with high-quality Aluminium Composite Panel to ensure your outdoors experience is maximized.

Finally, beautiful cost-effective signage can also be made of ACPs as they are the most budget-friendly materials out there. Combined with a winning combination of longevity & low-cost versatility, ACPs can be modified to suit your needs as to the type of signage you need both for internal and external uses, such as the examples below.


Aluminium Composite Panels are a great investment if you intend to vastly improve your living space, both indoors and outdoors. Go ahead and investing wisely in your wellbeing, for happiness is cultivated within your immediate environment.


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12 Nov 2021