About Us


Our Story

Entering the market in the year 2019, Plasmat Roofing Solutions is a sub division of the fast growing Plasmat Marketing Sdn Bhd, created specifically to become the trusted go-to Commercial Roofing Solutions Provider in Malaysia.


Through our strict commitment towards innovation, safety & ultimately, customer satisfaction.

As an authorized distributor of

GB Plas Group,

a global specialist in manufacturing high performance and sustainable plastics, roofing materials & sheets ranging from Polycarbonate, Metal Deck, Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) to Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP).

Astino Group,

Malaysia’s premier innovative roofing & building products manufacturer, Plasmat Roofing Solutions aims to combine the best of both worlds to position ourselves as a high quality one-stop solution platform for Roofing Products & Materials in Malaysia, committed to solving roofing issues people face throughout Malaysia.

Vision & Mission


Our Vision

We strive to become the #1 Trusted One-Stop Solution Platform for Roofing Products & Materials in Malaysia by providing service of the highest quality & innovation while prioritizing Customer Safety & Satisfaction.

Our Mission

Cost- Effective Innovation

To supply Highly Innovative yet Cost-Effective Roofing Materials and Products that are available in a wide range of choices & colours and covers all type of needs for our customers, be it residential, commercial, industrial, and even small projects.

Safety & Sustainability

Prioritize Safety & Sustainability of our roofing materials & products: All of our products are certified by SIRIM QAS International & we also provide 5 years of Limited Warranty for our roofing sheets.

Customer Satisfaction

Our Customers’ Trust and Satisfaction is how we will define our company’s success as we are committed in ensuring our services and products are reliable, safe and long lasting.