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Polycarbonate Solid Plane Awning Roofing Sheet

Polycarbonate Solid Plane
- Thickness : 3mm
- Length Up To : 80feet 
- Standard width : 1212mm (Near to 4feet) 

- Thickness : 6mm 
- Length Up To : 40feet 
- Standard Width : 1212mm (Near to 4feet)

Colours : 
1) Clear Plane 
2) Brown Plane 
3) Blue Plane 
4) Green

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Gb Bond Polycarbonate Solid Embossed Awning Roofing Sheet
Pc Solid Embossed Material Size : 1212mm(W) x 80ft(L) X 3mm(T)
Colours : Green, Blue, Bronze, Grey & Clear
Sell in roll and loose 

Polycarbonate Circular Corrugated Awning Roofing Sheet
Mid-Corrugated Profile (PM-CR) Effective Width 610mm Total Width 660mm Thickness 1.0mm Length Up to 20 feet Colours Clear Spec Tolerance +/-5%
Polycarbonate Angular Industry Awning Roofing Sheet

Angular Profile (PM-RIB 760-1) Effective Width 760mm Total Width 815mm Thickness 1.0mm Length Up to 40 feet Colours Clear, Bronze Spec Tolerance +/-5%   Effective Width 760mm Total Width 815mm Thickness 2.0

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